Securimax Security Group has rapidly established itself as the premidestinationpng_105er security company in Papua New Guinea. Founded in 1987 by David Pringuer, MBE, it prides itself on offering all aspects of security work, including: armoured car services, payroll packing and delivery, guard dogs and handlers, computerised alarm systems, emergency radio network, process serving, fraud enquiries, quick response teams, and security at mining sites, exploration areas and remote bushcamps.

 David Pringuer has brought all his experience as a Major in the British Army and as a Superintendent in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary to form and manage the Group. It now consists of two companies with over 800 men.

Securimax Security Pty Ltd. has its head office in Mt.Hagen in the Western Highlands Province. It is especially proud of its record with mining and petroleum companies. In early 1991 it provided security at the Moro bushcamp in Southern Highlands Province for what was to become the Chevron oil fields. It won the tender with a Joint Venture agreement with Fasu landowners in the area. Over the next three years training was given to all levels of staff including a General Manager. The entire company was then sold back in December 1994 to the Fasu people who now run it as an independent security company.

destinationpng_102Training is of paramount importance to Securimax. It opened the first residential training centre in PNG in Mt. Hagen in 1991 and now has two other centres in Port Moresby and Rabaul.

destinationpng_104Securimax – Islands Securi ty Pty Ltd. was formed in November 1993 expressly to provide security to the Lihir Island gold project. It took over a small ailing security company and retrained the staff. They showed their worth in the aftermath of the Rabaul volcano. Men stayed at their posts as the town was wrecked by the eruption, and the company threw its weight, free of charge, behind the Provincial Government and the National Disaster Committee in shepherding refugees from the area, and providing anti-looting patrols.