destinationpng_106There are few prospects more terrifying for a criminal than being confronted by a snarling Rottweiler. Guard Dog Security Services not only provides Rottweilers but a selection of over 70 other highly trained dogs – including German Shepherds and Dobermans – in its quest to keep Port Moresby a safer place.

“Our dogs are used primarily to protect our guards and to provide a deterrent,” explained Dale Smith, who runs the Port Moresby business. “But when the need arises these dogs can be lethal weapons.”

Dale knows his dogs only too well. He has seen first-hand the gruesome injuries they are capable of inflicting. For this reason training is paramount and all his guards are sent on rigorous dog handling courses at the National Security Training A cademy in Lae.

Guard Dog Security Services was masterminded in Lae by Dale’s Papua New Guinean friend, Dennis Bux. This was back in 1986 and the Lae branch now boasts over 350 guards and 80 dogs. The Moresby branch opened five years ago but it is already almost similar in size and has just opened its own dog handling facility. Training is conducted in groups of 60 with the recruits selected through the Labour department. Young men aged 18 to 21, single, no commitments, are given a three week induction course. If they pass they aredestinationpng_110 given employment in the company. Quite a few fail to make the grade. Some find that, faced with a highly trained attack dog, they just can’t get rid of their fear.

destinationpng_109Both Dale and Dennis work in close contact with the police in a concerted effort to crack-down on crime. Every one of the business’s guards has a radio so they can call for help or backup if necessary.

But guards with dogs are by no means the only security the company deals with. It sells everything from sophisticated alarm systems to personal radio monitoring.

“Personal radios are excellent because they provide 24-hour contact,” said Dale. “If somebody’s car breaks down in the middle of the night, they can call for assistance and help will immediately be on its way. If someone suspects their house is being broken into they can also call. It is a very effective service.”

Guard Dog Security Services likes to move with the times. As the criminals get more advanced, security also has to keep pace. Hi-tech electronic fences are now becoming more commonplace in Papua New Guinea.

They are another service supplied by the company. They are now pushing into electronic surveillance. Dale is just completing the designs for a Grade 1 Monitor room which will enable them to track any area anywhere in the country. Usingdestinationpng_111 a series of radio repeater links they’ll be able monitor what’s going on inside or outside any building in PNG.destinationpng_108

“I would like to see the whole of the country’s security systems regulated.” said Dale. “I think all security firms should be licensed and that all individuals should be made to hold ID cards. This would help pinpoint criminals.

I have been in Papua New Guinea for 33 years and genuinely love the place. It has so much going for it but law and order is a problem. We will continue to do everything we can to remedy this.”