rpbWhen Remington Pitney Bowes set up their first office in Port Moresby back in 1948 – many years before their competitors arrived in town – their products were basic and limited.

Now, in their recently re-vamped offices in Munidubu Street, they market every type of office machine imaginable, ranging from state of the art facsimiles and photocopiers to pocket dictaphones.

Remington Pitney Bowes need no introduction. With 12 offices in PNG they are a houshold name and the Pitney Bowes parent company, worth $3.5 billion, has a high profile world-wide.

Managing Director, Ian McKay puts the company’s success down to a combination of professionalism and a continual quest to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction.

“Pitney Bowes produce most of our products,” said Ian. “This means we cannot blame suppliers or anyone else if something goes wrong. The buck stops with us. We are responsible for every single part of the business. For this reason we have to maintain exceptionally high standards.”

rpb1“When we deliver a machine we accept that we have an on-going obligation to look after it. Port Moresby is a relatively small place. There are not many new clients to attract, so we make every effort to hold onto the ones we already have. For this reason our company always puts the customer first.”

This philosophy has worked well for Remington Pitney Bowes. Over the last year company turnover has reached an unprecedented high, more than a 20% boost in business despite a stagnant national economy. Ian McKay thinks the future looks even more promising.

“One of the most encouraging signs is the sustained enthusiasm and dedication of the local staff. Remington Pitney Bowes offers extensive training to them and gives them t
he chance to study abroad so they can return to Papua New Guinea with fresh skills and ideas.”

“The statistics speak for themselves. In 1990 there were 20 expatriate employees in the company and this year there are only six. This is a very positive indication for the future.”

rpb2The staff at Remington Pitney Bowes also have talents outside of their work. One salesman plays the blues on his guitar at various Port Moresby venues in the evenings and another is a champion weight lifter. The office exudes energy and Ian insists that staff only produce their best if they’re having fun, so he makes sure they do. “Equally”, he says, “the sense of community is important to the staff and to their company. That’s just one of the reasons why we are among the official sponsors of the Independence celebrations – and a major one at that.”