Papua New Guinea is an outdoor sportsman’s paradise, a primitive and generally unspoiled frontier. Niugini Adventures will plan and safely guide you for an adventurous hunting or fishing trip to the most remote and scenic locations throughout PNG.

The company is the only one registered in PNG with its own vehicles, boats, planes, helicopters, and hunting and fishing equipment.

Imagine yourself arriving nadvent1by helicopter to a remote village, accepting the genuine hospitality of the people making you comfortable in a traditional bush hut, then setting out on foot accompanied by the local village guides, by 4WD vehicnadvent2le, boat, hovercraft or by air to seek your quarry.

It could be some troublesome crocodiles or the famous fighting Papuan black bass or barramundi lurking in the roots of the lushly forested serpentine coastal river systems. it might even be a big tusker feral boar. Deer and wild cattle roam the rugged mountnadvent6ains and the dangerous and powerful buffaloes abound in the extensive lowland areas. In the clean, unpolluted, coastal waters, it might even be big game marlin, mackerel or plentiful tuna, if that takes your fancy. Or you might just want to dive and photograph the famous reefs and undersea marine life.

nadventAs keen sportsmen, you now have an opportunity through Niugini Adventures to pursue your sport responsibly under truly unique “last frontier” conditions. This is an experience which has been lost to the developed world.

We are a village-based tourist operator, so your visit will be a bonus to the local villagers because they receive income for their services. Plus you alsnadvent4o help protect their village lifestyle by assisting them to exterminate the feral animals which destroy their gardens and natural environment.