Blue skies, hot sun, a gentle breeze, waving palms and a glittering sea are the basloloic requirements for a tropical island dream holiday, but rather more is required to make most people’s dream come true. Sometimes, for example, the dream involves rather too much uncomfortable travelling, but visitors to Port Moresby can rest assured that, only fifteen minutes drive from Jacksons Airport, a ferry is waiting to transport them across two kilometres of the blue waters of Bootless Bay to Loloata Island.

Simple but comfortable colonial-style bungalows, with wide verandahs, stand on stilts over the shallow tides which lap the sandy beaches. Food is abundant, barbecues frequent and the bar well stocked. Scuba diving and snorkelling are arranged without fuss.

For the enthusiast, the diving potential of Loloata may be its most powerful drawing point. At present up to ten resorts in PNG claim at least some good diving, but none is as reasonably-priced as Loloata’s and before long none will be as extensive. Snorkel trips to nearby Lion Island and scuba trips to Horseshoe Reef Marine Park and its wrecks are arranged daily. Spectacular coral growths of strange beauty, fish of uncountable varieties, shapes and colours, welcome the viewer from above or the underwater explorer from below.

Not all of Loloata’s guests will be divers, but the sea provides for other skills. Facilities for wind surfing, kayaking, and surfskiing are ilolo1mmediately available. For some an hour’s walk around the island will be a simple delight. For others, especially the very young, lolo3safely-sloping sandy beaches will beckon. For the romantic, evenings filled with sunsets, barbecues out by the sea wall, a last drink under the stars, will stay in the memory.And the food! No-one, and that includes frequent conference clients, leaves disappointed with the cuisine.