destinationpng_345One sector of the business world continues to grow in step with the development of the economy as a whole.

Helandis Management Services was formed in 1991 to meet the needs of the small to average-sized business in Papua New Guinea. According to Isaac Minicus, qualified accountant and Principal of the firm, there is a need for an efficient and cost effective service in this area which is easily accessable to the average PNG businessman.

Helandis Management Services offers a range of services designed to relieve the business person of some of his or her most onerous responsibilities. On a fixed quote basis, Helandis will provide bookkeeping, accountancy and taxation services with prompt preparation of periodic and year-end financial statements. More extensive business consultancy services are also available, from feasibility studies and public and private sector consultancies, to the preparation of loan submissions and the location of sources of finance.

Helandis can also assist foreigndestinationpng_344 investors in dealing with government agencies and statutory bodies such as the Investment Promotion Authority and the Departments of Industrial Relations and Immigration. Arranging extensions of business, employment or dependent visas and assistance with passport and work permit applications are some of the services offered in this area. An associated company, Niuguini Commercial Debt Collection Agencies, looks after this very important aspect of commercial life.destinationpng_341

Isaac Minicus and his fellow directors are able to assist in all areas of commercial management, be it for an individual project or for day-to-day or longterm company operations. As Isaac says “My greatest satisfaction is in assisting clients to create a company, guiding it through the process of establishment and into successful businesses. And there will be a lot more of these to enjoy as Papua New Guinea fully develops into the year 2000 and beyond.”