colin“Papua New Guinea is my home and I never want to leave it,” Colin Ritchie exclaimed, “I will continue to make any contribution I can to the local business scene. It is important to put back in what you take out and especially to pass on skills and experience to national people.”

At 58, an age when most people want to put their feet up and enjoy a leisurely retirement, Colin Ritchie decided to set up his own business.

The dynamic Englishman, whose visa and passport processing enterprise has been running in Port Moresby for only six years, is living proof that anyone can achieve their dreams – whatever their age.

Colin arrived in Papua New Guinea in 1964 and served in the police for many years, ending up in the special branch. He finally hung up his uniform during the mining boom of the early 1970’s and landed a job as a site construction manager/expediter on mining projects all over the country.

In 1985 he became a Papua New Guinean citizen and three years later took the plunge and formed Colin Ritchie and Associates. The influential web of contacts he had already established provided him a useful business base. Initially the company’s work focused on expediting for mining companies, but now it organises passports and visas for anyone.

Colin puts the secret of his success down to a sustained emphasis on efficiency, honesty and always putting the customer first. He can cater for even the most unusual demands , whether it be organising a birth certificate or securing a visa for Nepal. Other than the passport and visa enterprise, Colin’s company also provides a cable television service to 200 homes in two different suburbs.

His six associates are all Papua New Guinean and play an integral role in maintaining the prosperity of the company.Mrs. Vivien McArthur, Manageress of the Visa Services Division, has recently joined the organisation bringing with her considerable experience and an established network with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Consulates in Australia.

Mrs. Raka Tau, Government Liaison Passport/Visa Services, has for the past five years been controlling passports and visas for a number of statutory bodies and is familiar with all aspects of the processing procedures.

Mr. Gorua Dagia manages the Cable Television Division. Being the Director, Mr. Dagia has been trained in all facets of the companies operations.colin1

Mr. Pala Leva has been with the company for five years. He commenced as a courier driver and has graduated to the position of Work Permit Consultant.

Mr. Gerega Ravu is in charge of the Property Maintenance Division. Gerega’s son Colin is a courier driver and Mr. Tapas Sene heads the Administration and Accounts Division.