Boroko Motors sells motor vehicles, especially Nissan cars, vans and trucks, together with Ford tractors and a full range of agricultural machinery. It also supplies construction and mining equipment, boats, outboard motors, tyres and spare parts. It has been a supplier of Ford tractors for over 30 years and is the largest automotive distributor in Papua New Guinea.

It is also a large employer, by PNG standards, with 340 people on the pay-roll, about 30 of whom are expatriates. Since 1965 it has been part of the W.R. Carpenter group of companies, which has branches throughout the Pacific. The group has investments in many different industries such as coffee, cocoa and other plantations, as well as supermarkets and hardware stores.

Boroko Motors has nine branches throughout the country, in Port Moresby, Lae, Mt. Hagen, Madang, Kimbe, Rabaul, Popondetta and Tabubil. But it aims to serve customers in the whole of PNG. Because of the nature of the terrain, this is no slight undertaking. The rugged geography and the lack of roads combine to make delivering agricultural machinery, for example, a difficult task. Boroko Motors often has to use aircraft and helicopters to get vehicles and machines to their final destination. Many pieces of equipment have to be dismantled before they can be flown in.

bmotorsSome of Boroko Motors largest clients are the big sugar cane and oil palm plantations, all of whom use many tractors for their haulage work, and the PNG Government itself, which requires not only tractors but a range of other agricultural machines. The growth of the mining and timber industries has provided another group of corporate customers, this time for equipment like blast hole drills and logging trucks. Individual clients are an equally important market and Boroko stocks small tractors and other cultivators that are suitable for village smallholdings.

As a long-standing and substantial business, with well-understood responsibilities to both clients and staff, Boroko Motors is a familiar feature of the PNG commercial scene.