bng1It is no idle boast when BNG Trading uses the words “a wealth of experience” as its motto – after all the company has been in Papua New Guinea since 1924.

Current general manager, Uwe Fock, arrived in Port Moresby as a young apprentice from Germany over 23 years ago and has spent the bulk of that time with the company.
Although BNG has been trading in Port Moresby for over 60 years, it is still an expanding enterprise and now has offices countrywide. BNG has its own offices in Lae, Goroka, Mount Hagen, Wewak, Madang, Rabaul, Kiunga and Kevenga. The head office is in Port Moresby. “We are a very traditional, well established company,” explained Uwe. “This gives us a degree of respectability but we also like to show that we are not afraid of innovation or moving with the times.”

The company focuses mainly on importing food – especially tinned meat from Denmark, fish from Japan, Fiji and Chile and processed poultry, both chicken and goose, from mainland China. It also trades in a wide range of other items such as electrical goods, agricultural fertilisers and building materials from all over the world. And BNG serves as the local agent for such international names as Macintosh, Canon, Brother, Philips (from Singapore) and Samsung (from Korea).

“Electronic goods have a wide open market in Papua New Guinea,” stressed Uwe. “Since the introduction of MTV in the late 1980’s, television sales have spiralled and even now show little sign of slowing down.

“Refrigerators are other items that are selling well. A decade ago fridges were a rarity in Port Moresby but now they are commonplace. The public are now becoming more adventurous and willing to buy frozen meat or fish as opposed to just cans. We are responding to these new demands.bng

“We are always looking at innovative ways of both boosting the local economy and providing employment. The best way to do this is by processing products locally rather than abroad.

Papua New Guinea has so much untapped potential,” stressed Uwe. “In my opinion this country is the Middle East of the South Pacific. We are sitting on a pot of gold here – it is just a case of utilising it. I am very optimistic for the future.”