net1“There is a huge opportunity for fisheries development in Papua New Guinea” , says Maurice Brownjohn. “We are at the centre of some of the richest waters in the world. It is up to us to make sure we use this resource well for the benefit of the nation.”

The Net Shop makes and markets fishing gear and equipment. Specializing in all forms of nets, it also includes in its stock a full range of products imported from abroad.

Long lines, fish traps, fish hooks and lures, ropes, floats, chain, fish-boxes and anchors – all can be acquired at the shop at Six Mile in Port Moresby, N.C.D. As for the nets themselves, both nylon and polyethylene nets of all plies and all mesh sizes can be made to order. They can be in the form of prawn nets, gill nets, seine nets and trammel nets. Even knotless nets can be found here.

As well as stocking well-known international brands, The Net Shop sells a range of fishing line and tackle under its own brand name: Strongpela Moa.

The Net Shop’s owner, Maurice Brownjohn, has been closely involved with the fishing industry in PNG since his arrival here as freshly-trained fisheries officer at the age of 21. First posted to West New Britain, he quickly learnt the business, spent several years working for various provincial fisheries departments and then branched out on his own.

As founding Chairman of the Fisheries Industries Association and an acknowledged expert, he advises and acts as a consultant to a wide range of people and

“There are three sorts of fishing in PNG”, said Maurice. “Commercial, village or ‘artisanal’, and sport. Commercial fishing except for prawn fishing is still underdeveloped. Village fishing is an intermittent activity alternating with agriculture as part of a subsistence lifestyle. Fishing for sport is popular with individuals and many towns have fishing clubs”.

All of the three types of fishing require nets and tackle and “The Net Shop” is proud to be the first of its kind in Port Moresby and indeed in PNG.