This website is a dedication to the 1995 book ‘DESTINATION PAPUA NEW GUINEA’ capturing the history, people, culture and events from this time.

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Destination Papua New Guinea

Explore content from the 1995 coffee table style publication Destination Papua New Guinea as a digital source and discover what life in Papua New Guinea was like prior to 1995.

Destination Papua New Guinea was published in 1995 as an extension of the twentieth anniversary of Independence. The book pays tribute to the country, its people and to their spirit of Independence.

In offering a glimpse of the multifaceted cultures and spectacular landscapes for which Papua New Guinea is renowned, the book goes some way towards presenting the splendour and the beauty that draws so many people to this special part of the world.

Discover the history of Papua New Guinea plus interesting and original insights from people interviewed during publication of the book.

A digital source of the 1995 publication 'DESTINATION PAPUA NEW GUINEA'.